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Taj Al Safa Services

Construction Services:

Taj Al Safa is a leading engineering, procurement and construction contractor active within the Iraqi regional market. We target large, complex and demanding projects such as the development of schools, health clinics, roads, gas stations, housing complexes and vital institutions, which by their very nature have fewer competitors and higher margins. We have earned a reputation for delivering quality work under difficult conditions on schedule and at competitive prices.

Our local knowledge and relationships makes us an ideal partner for international developers and construction companies. Clients, both in the public and the private sector, value our experience, expertise and commitment. Replicate orders from satisfied customers reaffirm this. Our clients benefit from our unique ability to equal global standards while responding rapidly to local sensitivities and challenges.

We offer project management along with exceptionally strong resources with ongoing investment in machinery, fleet, technology and people. This investment assures our ability to deliver fast-track services and flawless technical support through the planning, design, construction, commissioning and operational phases of all our projects.

We aspire to deliver excellence every time in order to be a recognized leader in our industry. We try hard to be a company that our clients are proud to work with and that our employees are proud to work for. We also want to be a valued contributor to economic and social advancement wherever we operate.

Mechanical Services:

Mechanical services include the installation of pipe work for medium and low pressure steam, hot and cold water service, fire mains, air, oil and gas systems, the installation of sectional and packaged boilers, heat exchangers, pumping sets, sanitary ware, ventilation and extract ductwork, as well as fans, heating batteries, cooling coils, chillers, condensers, air extraction equipment and dust collection systems, the installation of desalination plants, heavy water discharge stations and power stations. Taj Al Safa is fully equipped with skilled mechanical technicians for maintaining all machinery and equipment.

Electrical Services:

Electrical services are provided by crews of specialists in electrical work using the latest techniques and equipment that the company can provide. Our electrical systems scope of work covers supply and installation of transformers, all types of internal wiring for buildings, flexible cables-fiber optics, switchboards, recessed conduit wiring systems, circuit breakers, panel boards and distribution systems.

Infrastructure Engineering Services:

Taj Al Safa provides construction engineering and inspection services for highways, airport, harbor, transit, planned, designed and coded road traffic signs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interior, and bridge as well as building projects throughout Iraq. Our construction personnel are committed to working with clients to control the construction schedule and budget using Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) guidelines. We also establish and manage safety programs with customization of construction management services to address the select requirements of each client and project.

Our construction engineering and inspection services include:
  • Schedule and Budget Evaluations
  • Construction Observation
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Project Scheduling and Permitting
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Monitoring and Coordinating Daily Construction Activities

Trade Services:

Our general trade division involves the importation of all manufacturing and construction materials from international sources as well as staples and necessities used by the general population. Sales and distribution of high-value consumer goods, foodstuff, luxury furniture and communication equipment are a part of our core trading activities. The Company provides ideology with wide-ranging strategies and a customer-oriented concept that is designated to fit each brand requirement that delivers greater results.

The Taj Al Safa Company focuses on the successful distribution of brands by molding brand practices to manufacturer's standards and in building long-term relationships. Moreover, it is fully committed to its principles through providing them with the following services as indicated below:
  • Single point entry into the Iraqi markets
  • Offering Brand management development concepts
  • Devoting full warehousing, distribution and logistics support
  • Focusing on the expansion of a retail customer network
  • Creation of marketing information system with access to substantial governmental and private sectors
  • Active participation in local tender opportunities submittal

Taj Al Safa insures exceptional product and market knowledge while excelling in the delivery of customer satisfaction, principle retention/acquisition and maximum shareholder value. Our company is dominating the trading sector with its continual vertical and horizontal growth and is testament to the company's capabilities, determination and high standards in a highly competitive marketplace. The Company sustains effective operations by use of its extensive in-house support functions which includes:

  • Human resources and training
  • Information technology
  • Finance
  • Legal and administration
  • Logistics
  • Marketing and communications
  • Property maintenance
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