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Civil and Industrial construction

  • Design, Construct & maintenance bridge highway & roads
  • Design, Construct & maintenance buildings
  • Design, Construct & maintenance steel structure
  • Design, Construct & maintenance railway
  • Design ,Construct &supply manufactory
  • Design, Construct & maintenance communication towers
  • Design, Construct & maintenance Hospital Projects
  • Design, Construct, maintenance & Supply & trailers
  • Design, Construct & maintenance Warehousing Construction
  • Design, Construct & maintenance Hotels
  • Design, Construct & maintenance Schools
  • Design, Construct building & rebuilding facilities
  • Design, Construct & Turnkey Projects
  • Waterproofing of reservoirs and desalination plants (negative - positive)
  • Isolate the rules, buildings, and protect it from corrosion
  • Building & rebuilding swimming pools
  • Foamed concrete
  • All plumping work(repair, install, Design& Construct)
  • Fire main system


  • Transport the passengers, cargo & all containers in all over the country
  • transport oil product
  • transport potable water

Oil Service

  • Respond to requests for refined petroleum products from end users or principal oil trading companies that own or lease shipping tankers or other facilities which provide added value to ATDN Group, or allow entry into markets
  •  Exploration and drilling oil wells
  • The establishment of oil refineries

Electrical system work

  • supplying and installation generators from( 10KVA) to –(2MVA)
  • supply & installation transformers 11kv to 380v (from 0.2 to 5 MVA)
  • supply &install all internal wiring for buildings either mounted on the wall or hidden inside the wall or under the ground and all fittings and outer illuminations and projectors
  • Supply &installing cables (size up to 4x400mm2)and the main distribution panel
  • Supply & install H.T cables (11KV) (underground installed )
  • Supply & installing 11KV substation room with all instruments needed (the main ring panel)
  • Supply & installing 33KV cables (underground installed)
  • Supply & installing over head power transmission lines (including poles and insulators and wires and others for 380v or 11KV or 33KV)
  • Supply & installing 33KV to 11KV transformer with all needs of switching and isolations
  • Installing and Maintenance turbine generation stations  


  • Supply vehicles , bus, load trucks , cargo trucks , passenger vehicles& armory vehicles
  • Supply HVAC system
  • Supply Food stuff
  • Supply furniture
  • Supply communication equipments
  • Supply mechanical materials
  • Supply all Requirements of the market
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