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Dunia Al-Nahrian


Donia Al-Nahrain is one of the largest export and import trading companies in Iraq that associates with international suppliers. As a company we strive to be innovative and thus enjoy good business relations with many companies around the world and have opened many regional offices in strategic countries. These offices facilitate quick business deals and communications between foreign companies and the company headquarters. Donia Al-Nahrain is seeking potential overseas partners in order to increase and enhance our profitability. We are world-class traders with unrivalled market knowledge. With a diverse range of clients and a vision to provide quality international products and services we show that there is great potential in what we can offer you.

History and Overview

Since Donia Al-Nahrain's inception in 2003, it has represented an extensive range of major international brands and products, each supported by dedicated sales teams. This has been achieved by catering to all customer segments and excelling in delivering customer satisfaction along with gaining the confidence of its agent. The Company's activities have now expanded to include transportation, the importation of cars and vehicles, communications, iron and steel trading, electronics and petroleum products. We have branches all over Iraq, United States, UAE, Turkey and China. Donia Al-Nahrain is currently involved in many reconstruction projects in the Kurdistan region. We also participate in various charity activities. Donia Al-Nahrain has over 50 employees with outstanding experience in trade and expertise in the Iraqi market.

Our main areas of business are:
  • Consumer electronics and home appliances
  • Telecommunication services with various GSM provision
  • Brand name imports and exports which includes but are not limited to sanitary products and perfume
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